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Cape Shore Plumbing is Cape Coral, Fort Myers And SWFL’S Water Leaks Repair Expert

Commercial Pipe Leaks Repaired Quickly to Keep YOU in Business

The breakdown of plumbing systems cause water leaks for many reasons. A drain pipe leak or other water leaks may arise because the pipe’s lifespan has expired. Pipe leaks can also result from wear and tear or the buildup of corrosion in the pipes. Accidental punctures by tree roots may also cause drain pipe leaks that jeopardize your plumbing system. Whatever the cause of your pipe leaks, the result is higher water bills and the potential for even costlier structural damage to your home or business. Adding insult to injury, the damages caused by water leaks may not be covered by your homeowners or commercial insurance company.

Take Fast Action by calling Cape Shore Plumbing to Eliminate Pipe Leaks

If you find a drain pipe leak or other water leaks in your home or on your property, it is imperative that you act FAST! Immediately take the following steps when you know of or suspect pipe leaks:

  • Stop the flow of water by turning off the main water valve to your property and
  • Call Cape Shore Plumbing, your local Cape Coral and SWFL experts in repairing water leaks

Cape Shore Plumbing’s Comprehensive Detection Services Locate All Pipe Leaks

Our comprehensive drain pipe leak detection equipment enables us to rapidly locate water leaks on your property and in your plumbing system so that we can completely resolve all pipe leaks and the damage they caused. When you call Cape Shore Plumbing for suspected drain pipe leaks or other water leaks, we utilize our state-of-the-art equipment for locating and repairing all drain pipe leaks and other pipe leaks we find. Our water leaks evaluation and repair services include:

  • Detection of pipe leaks through camera views and video inspection
  • Moisture readings for evaluating the extent of damage caused by water leaks
  • A complete appraisal of all water leaks, pipe leaks and drain pipe leaks for realistic estimates of the cost of repairs and restoration of the property
  • Evaluation of wall, ceiling and floor repairs necessitated due to water leaks
  • Plaster and drywall repairs required by damage from pipe leaks
  • Foundation restoration needed due to water leaks

Call Cape Shore Plumbing as soon as you suspect water leaks in your plumbing system

Don’t wait to call a plumber when you suspect water leaks or other pipe leaks. Immediately call the rapid response team at Cape Shore Plumbing, (239) 677-9544, and let us help you to stop those water leaks, and avoid structural damage from continuing to occur on property by calling . Our expert technicians will help you achieve peace of mind by leaving your property free from water leaks, guaranteed.